Societal Limitations

Imagine if we could strip away every boundary and limitation (except for morals/ethics) and live life as carefree as we claim we do.

Judgements, social standards, ‘norms’, bases… Poof, GONE.

If I love you, let me say I love you, without time or ages telling me when it’s supposedly right.

If I don’t know you, let me introduce myself and spark an in-depth conversation.. without you finding it to be abnormal or awkward.

If I don’t have a degree, yet I’m educated through books and other means of personal research.. Let me work for your company with my knowledge that applies.

If I want to fuck you, let me blatantly say and do it (if you permit of course).. Without feeling like I’m being judged.

If I hate shopping for clothes, let me be naked.. Who doesn’t love being naked.

My drift should be caught by now. As humans, our intelligence is claimed to surpass any other life-form on earth. Yet, I feel as if our intelligence burdens our happiness. My cat licks plastic bags and makes weird movements on my carpet all the time, she seems to love life. Bonobos greet others, both male and females in sexual favors. Oh, and all animals are naked.

Intelligence allows us to rationalize emotions. We smoke weed, drink alcohol, and pop pills to numb our intelligence.. which we usually find enjoyment out of.

The irony.

"However, when we resist our Purpose, we only encounter more and more pain, difficulty and seemingly random bad luck.

…we can eliminate this entire cycle of karma by practicing true forgiveness and acceptance - both of ourselves and of others. THAT, ultimately, appears to be the core Purpose we are all here to achieve.”

The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock. A MUST read.

A peculiar idea occurred in my mind today. Every year I think back to the previous and try to differentiate the mental differences. Each year of my life, I’ve always thought I had a general understanding of how things work, how life works, how the universe works. Over the years, that general understanding becomes a foundation and your knowledge is extended. However, I realized change can be more extreme. You can break that foundation down and start all over again rather than build on top of it.

This brought me to my next self-analyzes. Aside from thinking about how I thought in the past, why not think about how I’ll think in the future? The way I view life now, is that it’s full of opportunities and your destiny is based on your capabilities and potential. However, with this question in my mind, I realized that view will change down the road.

You see, you can view life as a single day. In the morning, you have the rest of the day ahead of you. You can chose to get ready and be productive or go back to sleep. Around noon, you still have plenty of time to get things done, but you lost the couple hours which could of been used productively. Around 3 pm, that window of opportunity is again, limited. By night, a majority of business and institutions are closed, and you have a lot less time, if any, to finish what you planned to do. Life is exactly the same, except there’s only one life while you have approximately 28,470 days (given that you live the average life span in America of 78 years). 

With that being said, while we’re young, our opportunities are vast and numerous. As you gradually grow older, opportunity doors begin to close. So, what are you doing today, for your tomorrow?

What is the Meaning & Purpose of Life?

What drives us to do what we do everyday, to achieve goals, to maintain a healthy image, etc? What is the point of impressing when the imminent outcome is always death, something everyone is aware and familiar with? (including Drake) Better yet, what is the point of living when everyday is closer to our end? You see, the universe is infinite. However, human life is finite. To answer this question, you have turn to the infinite realm, what’s beyond physical matter. This question, is a complex question to answer. Some may find the answer through a higher order, some may not. For example, in Christianity, we are to follow god’s will, and to be submissive to his orders as his children. He is a role model figure and creates a set of standards which result in what we know of as morality, a set of rules to live by. Having such faith in a religion can answer our questions, but more importantly add purpose and meaning to our life. Those who are Christians, are rewarded by worshiping their god and living infinitely, eternally, in heaven. This is a Christian’s ultimatum in life, and where they want to see themselves. The simplicity of having faith, can lead to self-awareness and answer one’s questions of purpose and meaning. Those who have faith, see something to work for.

However, without this spiritual, higher order to look up to, would the term “moral” or “immoral” even exist? Is it in human nature and basic animal instinct to live the way the bible says? What about those who don’t turn to god yet still work hard, study hard, and strive for life? What do they see as an outcome? These variances in the human race and ideology also differs man, and animal. I do believe humans are animals, but we are social, emotional animals. In usual circumstances, we don’t kill each other for food, or abandon our children as they transition to adulthood. When we do, we suffer consequences mentally and objectively. We find these acts immoral, socially. We feel feelings such as love, sympathy, bitterness, sadness,admiration, jealousy joy, happiness, etc. We work together to build a better world for ourselves. (An example would be development, politics, hospitals, educational buildings etc.) A man can love his family, his friends, his god, and even life. Why? Because man can also love the Earth, and his race. How, if he doesn’t know the meaning or purpose of life? Through happiness and love, a human feeling. What we have that animals don’t, is something more, something called a soul. 

Even with or without confirmation of a higher power in order, I strongly believe every human being is born with a soul. The soul is spiritual, and connected to the inifinite; which is there where we can find answers to our questions. Restating my point earlier, humans carry their own ideas and philosophy, we vary in many ways. In fact, this is my philosophy and can be agreed or denied by many. With that said, we each have a meaning and purpose in life; however, the meaning and purpose can differ with each person. Whether you found your answers through religion, self-reflection, some other matter, or are still asking yourself to this day, I believe meaning and purpose roots from the soul, the foundation of our mentality, character and emotions. What makes us, us. The reason we are so successful as a race is through the ability to love and be happy. We can love our god, love life, love others and in return, be loved. Even though we may not have a clear, definite, black/white answer to what the meaning of life is, the love for mankind, the advancement of future generations, and the hope that one day they may find the answer keeps the human race going. Our souls are as infinite as the human race, allowing us to in a way, live past death, giving our life enough purpose, and adding meaning. 

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I’m too distracted from homework because Gizmo keeps tryna makeout with me!

I hate how i still have an emotional connection with every guy of my past. It’s not the same type of connection as I have with my boyfriend, but just memories and names that linger of my past that randomly pop up into my head. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I wish I’ve never came across those people, but then again my past brought me to where I am today, right?

Found these on my porch this morning <3.

I hope every had a good Valentine’s Day :)

Dinner date, followed by The Vow and Chronicle :)

My cat likes to mock me -_-

TELL MY WHY THE 4S’s CAMERA IS SO GOOD?! …decisions, decisions.

I’ve been listening to Jagged Edge all night and day.

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Good end to 2011, Bad start to 2012
Everythangs gravy now though!

I hope everyone had a good, and safe New Years! 

A couple came up to the counter yesterday to order. The male looked at his girlfriend and asked, “Are you paying?” She bluntly responded “No.” He looked at me and laughed and I told him he should be paying anyways. He then said “It’s a new generation.” That was the second time at work that I’ve heard a guy say that.

I told him, “Yes, it’s a new generation but we’re still the ones making the babies so nothing has changed.”

He then proceeded to hand me $7.98 and the girl was like, “I like her!”